A Choir of Angels



The healing arena

I have a fantastic spiritual website coming soon likely January. It’s battles with spiritual emotional and mental battles. It will include coaching,workshops and therapies.


To include help with fighting demons.

Target the healers

Are you a healer? A general one? A loving one? Stay in love now as more than ever. I’m passed caring about people calling me a healer but some call it targeted individuals.

I’ve had to learn to love me in a way that is beyond anything. I kept quiet to get over the shock but now more healers are started to out that they too are targeted.

Targeted healers are the sincerest who work from love and don’t care about showing compassion and a real depth of love.

The government is behind this they work on frequency,remote viewing and can do astral plane by projecting.

I know because this is what they done to myself.

They use repeated words in your mind that you are fear. Then get the doctors and society to go against you and back lash by calling you crazy or hallucinations.

I’ve been through that much that I’m going to say it no matter what people tell me.

They monitor people through phones. Such enough when you hit accept for accessing and using your phone, they can take through uploading all your content.

They dum you down so you can say that’s not mad your crazy.

When Jesus stated mother will go against daughter,father against brother. That’s what they are doing.

We cannot allow them to distract us from healing

I was visualisation mother earth and taking on her black cords and a booming voice went in my head stop doing it now. Get out of your head.

They try to disable you. Look at Doreen virtue. Angels are real. But she dropped them because she ran to Jesus Christ which is correct but I’m not here preaching

However,look at the huge numbers who were begining to love each other, they were loving the planet. She was targeted so that amount of love and light would dwindle. So please keep doing the light and love.

The issue is. The angels said that they are after your freewill.

They may be collecting people into your USA Tema camps anyone loving, teaching against them and out of society control. So work on staying strong. The more you get into this and focus the more it will amplify.

Do not underestimate what I am talking about. They told me they try to hybrid people they are totally satanic and you will know the real people by their love.

This is real I’m very well educated and sensitive but I’m not making it up.

The voices in your head are not your own. Trust yourself. If they are male or nasty why would you be nasty?

Trust your abilities to heal and just do it. We need a strong deep core system of brave healers to promote love. It’s funny that God called us to be warriors for love. I failed I admit but I’m back doing it. They can’t scare me no more.

If you are a healer and had things happen please let me know ESP if you are isolated. The thing is we need to stick together just like our angels.

What weapons can you use back.

Prayer for protection but belief has to be strong.

Rise up over their fears they place upon you. The fear you may feel is not always you.

Accept prayers as answer ed.

Be greatful and count your blessings onwards.

Release lower fears etc daily. Cleanse and believe in what you think don’t doubt.

Get out of head. They tell you to make you think you are not you. Your brain is still yours. At extreme experience they confuse your mind so you back fire.

Love you deeper on a deeper scale. If so get a Bible. It helps but Jesus went against the authorites just like we are. He is a witness and leader who suffered. So don’t shy from him he’s real and can help you. Your going through the same as you??? Makes sense.

Hold authority and keep your power. Take back power from all elite, alien government and organisations.

Don’t trust too much and if they say we don’t fully believe it’s from angels of love. Ask them to love you first. Test the spirits.

Clear and close down.

If in doubt ask in Jesus Christ three times who you are hearing.

I did this twice first time I heard illuminati and second we here to torture.

Think what you wish my words are true. Please share or comments.

UFO spotting from a plane

All reserved to jk
Strictly copy forbidden

I was on an overnight flight from yvr to man yesterday previous night. All lights on plane were off for snoozing time and no reflection

I used my huwei phone and my Olympus soon bridge camera.

I saw a bright white star above the tail stationary in the distance. So getting curious I zoomed in on it.

It was a form of blue energy. It was strange such as a nucleus with lightening around it and a this body and it pulsated. I could not capture it by lens. However, I took photo after photo such as above and on two photos I placed a filter on two picture which I was shocked to spot UFO.

One with lid down and one lid open.

This is not a space station it’s a planet with a UFO next too it. I’ve not manipulate the photo except placing a nostalgic filter on and it shown the UFO.

What do you think?

Images reserved to Joanne k. 2019. Please seek permission to use first.thank you.

Twin flames

Non stop harrasment. I just bathed in frankincense and saw a black thing come out of me. I’m not stopped being tormented they are now telling me I’m in hell. They are now telling me that for telling the voices to go away non stop that I’m just me. Everything I’ve heard is non stop going at me so I can’t even do my job. They say I’m fear or you are non stop fearing. The voices are non stop. As soon as I get up in the morning they are there. I don’t get time to breathe. My heart is pulsating and racing.

Everyone says I’m not believing they say I can still have him but I’m just me. I have no one to turn too and I’m exhausted. The voices are real. They keep saying give up your soul. I’ve prayed.

I called a Catholic priest. Don’t bother, they say drink blessed water. I said what would Jesus do. He said I don’t know.

They have ruined my life. They can change your energy. They pretend to be angels and then the real ones come and I won’t let them in.

Non stop they say think of your actor. You have no idea. You are you in your head. As though some demon is inside me. I’m scared right now. They say it’s what you say with your mouth.

They tormented me untill I swore at every voice. Not like me. Then they say you are a voice. You believe in folly.

I’ve met this guy once or twice. He now sad and so am I. I’ve started to hit my head. I’ve done many things and started wishing I would die. No one listens to me. They making it out that I’ve done terrible things. I’m petrified. This started with CIA hologram. I’ve fought me non stop.

Now I don’t care. The priest I confessed to him that I swore at them and he goes you don’t even know if you did swear at angels. Even if they were really there. This is my point.

Today I heard a voice saying we have to have you together. I never said I wasn’t with my guy. They say write and think of him. But my point is they don’t give me privacy. They go at me non stop. I hear a voice saying I’m in hell. But I believe I. My guy.

I’m being confused. Another voice goes hold your head high.

Why I love this guy. I accepted him but the hatred is being put on me. I’ve never felt so much pain and sorrow.

All I asked heaven was to see him more so I could get him in my head. I know who he is. I do love him.

Don’t fear, you fear. It’s rammed down my neck five years. CIA demon tatic.

They patronise. And say you can have him and one word like you can’t you

They keep telling me you are fear. I’m fed up sick of it. They are waiting for me to give up. My brain keeps thinking something is in me.

It was all loving first. My family and work people now think I have no boyfriend. Now the angels at first would heal the fear now they don’t do anything.

They want me to give up on love. They want more story writing then loving or healing me.

I can’t I love him but I’ve they go think of him. Then they go you can have him. Then another voice goes you are you.

This twin I love him but they say you can be with him. He real but why not speak to me. He stands there and does nothing. I’ve bin to hell and back and I wish he talk to me.

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