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What is soul sickness?

What is soul sickness? This is not necessarily a new concept but at least doctors are starting to become aware of the idea that they need to teach and diagnose on a more spiritual awareness and deep level. What do you think?


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The Indigo Crystal “Human Angel”

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Indigo Children: The Indigo Crystal “Human Angel”  

By Celia Fenn

Indigo Children: The Indigo Crystal “Human Angel”   Indigo and Crystal children not only behave and think differently to their predecessors, they are spiritually different. Their subtle bodies are more developed, and they are “wired” differently. Because they represent the next step in human evolution, they carry within their auras the seed of an important new energy that is birthing on our planet.

It is well known by science that every human has much brain and DNA capacity that is not used, or for which they can find no use. This “extra” DNA is even referred to as “junk” DNA. However, it is not “junk” or “spare” capacity, it is innate human potential waiting to be activated.

Every human on the planet has the innate capacity to awaken to their full potential. In metaphysics we describe this capacity as…

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Angels r us

Angels are around and they want us to stick together because in love, that is what we do. It’s one for all and all for one. Our angels work as a team and you are part of a co-production. Their work has never ended and they know about the state of the world we live in.

So, remember the warrior angels and the earth angels? We need you now and where are you?

Everyday things that our angels mention that will help each other that is angelic in nature are-:

  1. Forgive yourself and each other by letting go of grudges etc.
  2. Don’t forget to be greatful and say thank you for their help because that is curtesy towards them.
  3. Act kind, loving, merciful and graceful towards each other.
  4. Call upon them in the name of love and or Jesus Christ and say yes please come in.
  5. If you are a healer either reiki, energy or spiritual etc give people who are not abundant their chance to get a healing if they request. Even if it’s a free on a month. Let everyone get a chance to be healed as your healing gift was given by angels and heaven.
  6. Yes yes yes to everything loving, you deserve it and it’s yours.
  7. No,no,no to all fear, negativity and anything unloving.
  8. Accept the best in you and others, lead by example just the same way as our angels, Jesus, Mary and ascended masters taught before us.
  9. Be unconditional and don’t judge so much.
  10. Have faith, god is real, trust me he loves us unconditional no one who loves is sent to hell. Forgive those who hurt you, love those who feel unloved and cherish yourself because there is only one of you.
  11. Ignore negative media hype, it’s all lies to pull the carpet from underneath you.
  12. You are safe and if you ask archangel Michael he will have your back. He is fantastically loyal.
  13. Trust that love as an energy exists. Don’t scoff at it but accept love within you.
  14. All is resolved for the higher good of all. Try to release your worries to our angels because they show emotion, they are real and they do care deeply for each one of us.
  15. Remember no one is ever alone because our creator blesses us with at least two great, awesome, kind and strong guardian angels. They are beautiful in every way and they know exactly how you are feeling and are often waiting for you to notice that that they want to help you.
  16. Never turn a person in need of help away.
  17. Love from your heart, open it up share it with the world and close your ego up instead.
  18. Love, love, love and hmmmm love be an angel and set an example of a walking love on our plane.

Our angels still exist and do require us to fight a war on fear. Fear is rife, sniff it out and transmute it into love, abut like playing draughts really.

An angel is pure divine love sent from above to make sure we choose the loving direction and making the right choices, to support, love and heal you upon request. It is vital in your life right now to rise up into love more.

Calling upon your angels help will help you to

  1. Heal inside
  2. Become one in love and make peace with yourself
  3. Will love you unconditionally
  4. Had a loving attitude when you just want comfort or be silly.
  5. They are respectful, honorary, elegant, powerful, strong, loving, real, beautiful, pure essences of love.

The reason I state this is because I love them, they don’t need us to just give up and struggle in life, but they are our parents in spirit, they guide us to rise up over fear and teach us to be the same on earth.

They are incredible teachers of love.

I trust them and I want to show you how to ask for their help.

In the most loving way: in the name of love, I ask if my angels can come to me and help me with this situation or person or emotion, help me to heal this area of my life(describes situations) and with respect I ask you to come into my life now on all levels and help me. Thank thank thank you.

Keep the love flowing and please share on social media. Together we can conquer fear. Keep our angels close by and love yourself because they care and love you too.

Thank you jo