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Twin flames

Non stop harrasment. I just bathed in frankincense and saw a black thing come out of me. I’m not stopped being tormented they are now telling me I’m in hell. They are now telling me that for telling the voices to go away non stop that I’m just me. Everything I’ve heard is non stop going at me so I can’t even do my job. They say I’m fear or you are non stop fearing. The voices are non stop. As soon as I get up in the morning they are there. I don’t get time to breathe. My heart is pulsating and racing.

Everyone says I’m not believing they say I can still have him but I’m just me. I have no one to turn too and I’m exhausted. The voices are real. They keep saying give up your soul. I’ve prayed.

I called a Catholic priest. Don’t bother, they say drink blessed water. I said what would Jesus do. He said I don’t know.

They have ruined my life. They can change your energy. They pretend to be angels and then the real ones come and I won’t let them in.

Non stop they say think of your actor. You have no idea. You are you in your head. As though some demon is inside me. I’m scared right now. They say it’s what you say with your mouth.

They tormented me untill I swore at every voice. Not like me. Then they say you are a voice. You believe in folly.

I’ve met this guy once or twice. He now sad and so am I. I’ve started to hit my head. I’ve done many things and started wishing I would die. No one listens to me. They making it out that I’ve done terrible things. I’m petrified. This started with CIA hologram. I’ve fought me non stop.

Now I don’t care. The priest I confessed to him that I swore at them and he goes you don’t even know if you did swear at angels. Even if they were really there. This is my point.

Today I heard a voice saying we have to have you together. I never said I wasn’t with my guy. They say write and think of him. But my point is they don’t give me privacy. They go at me non stop. I hear a voice saying I’m in hell. But I believe I. My guy.

I’m being confused. Another voice goes hold your head high.

Why I love this guy. I accepted him but the hatred is being put on me. I’ve never felt so much pain and sorrow.

All I asked heaven was to see him more so I could get him in my head. I know who he is. I do love him.

Don’t fear, you fear. It’s rammed down my neck five years. CIA demon tatic.

They patronise. And say you can have him and one word like you can’t you

They keep telling me you are fear. I’m fed up sick of it. They are waiting for me to give up. My brain keeps thinking something is in me.

It was all loving first. My family and work people now think I have no boyfriend. Now the angels at first would heal the fear now they don’t do anything.

They want me to give up on love. They want more story writing then loving or healing me.

I can’t I love him but I’ve they go think of him. Then they go you can have him. Then another voice goes you are you.

This twin I love him but they say you can be with him. He real but why not speak to me. He stands there and does nothing. I’ve bin to hell and back and I wish he talk to me.


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Amnesia- Psychic attacks ?

I come down to earth with a bump. The voices kept repeating how I was fear or I am fear and then last night I heard “you stand your ground” I have been so tormented its sucking the love out of me. I am so closed right now that I have not been loving as I should do. I have been wanting to hurt myself. I don’t trust anyone and I still love my twin to the best of my abililtes but I feel so bewildered. I don’t know how to protect myself it’s just gone. The memories have gone. The thought I was shouting out for a whole year after seeing the CIA hologram makes me laugh because now I’m like why was I so scared?

I think that it’s because of the unseen and that I have a sore head most nights either from thinking what the hell has just happened to me to who is trying to get at my soul. I have heard the spirits try to get me to believe I am in hell. I don’t believe this for a second. I have not even had chance to do something fun. The voices just keep repeating and I don’t know who to let in and how to let them in and will my head even let me do it.

Amnesia ?

No memories just blank all the time. That’s all I know. I remember the hologram but it’s like it never happened. They make you feel inferior when in fact they are scared of you. They try to make you feel like you are your own blame and that they blame you for being just you all because it’s your fault. That no matter what I do to close down I remember that is what the dark ones wish for you to do. Ihear voices just say you are just you because of your fear. That is not all true. They mess you around. I ended up cursing at any voice to keep them from me. But they must laugh as that is just making me in fear holes too.

I have no mind creative thoughts of what I want it’s all the damage that I don’t like. People in the past feel I’m crazy and that affects me and hurts me because I know what I have seen. I know I should never fear but they come inside of you and when the angels were away all of a sudden they are here and I have people saying “no one is there” when they are.

I am at a point where I want to write about it but they cleaned my mind up and I can’t remember the memories are not there.

They done stuff to my soul and I feel violated. I need more love and they say only you can love you. They act like nothing ever happened to me and they say it’s all my fault. I need more love in me.

They say Think of your rob. You can still have him.

I love him too but people are making me feel like giving up and saying get on with your life.

You are you like I never witnessed anything. Rubbish. I say.

I told them to stay away, the other morning I woke up to “you are a humanoid” they don’t even let you breathe or do stuff and I don’t want to blame the real angels. They keep saying “believe” but the entities or elite tried to snatch that from me and it’s like they are patronising me.

Even know they go “what you did was of your own accord” Oh really and what did I do then? They started already “you are a muscle” “you are now you” well what was in me before I started fighting?

I sit here and the voices go “think of me” I’m not saying that I don’t wish too but they don’t tell me who.

My mind does not know how to think? can you tell me?

It’s gone on for years I don’t know anything different. It’s like I know they tried kidnap me and even a psychic inboxed me once and told me so. So now I’m fearing. Yes I remember now “you told me on repeat when I was broken and weak “I was fear” that’s demonic trying to demonise me won’t work.

I don’t know what to think say or feel anymore. I just feel numb and closed down. I thought I was one of the strongest but I think I am getting it back. My faith. I knew demons and devils were involved and the shock that the governments of this world are dark ..eeek.. they really are.






Twin flames flippin eck

Twin flames this is how it began.

I love my twin and he was created for me to be my mirror of my soul. I dedicate my love to him. I do love, cherish and respect him in every way shape and form from this day onwards. It is a journey of love and belief coupled with faith.

In the beginning I was told that I have a guy who is meant to be with me in this lifetime and that together we make an angel. We had to write a story to help create him and I’ve battled with disbelief but I know I still love him and he’s real.

I still battle with doubt thinking does he feel the same way and I know he loves me more than I am in love with me.

At first I always said there was a brother and a lover. I’m unsure if this is true or made up to confuse myself. I’ve gone crazy over him and the angels must be fed up of it all. I know I am.

At first we met at university freshers week and ambassadors recruitment for university. I walked around like twice at him and I just introduced myself but didn’t know what to say. I was unsure even then. BUT I got the bus that day and returned home. I got off the bus and a car had followed me and he was in it. He stopped in the middle of the road and just stared at me. I just stared back and went home. I was told by my angels that it was him. For some reason though after meeting him twice and nothing. I never saw him for the three years I was there. Even though the angels always reassured me that it was him.

So I left Uni so upset and lacking faith thinking well was it really him and why could we not get with each other. Maybe it was because he had to grow up and learn things etc.

I came back home after uni and again I bumped into him when I was walking home from work and he was in this blue car just staring at me from the other side of the road.

Then I met him when I was in Blackpool for a cancer bike ride. It was soaking like proper northern rain. My brother came in behind him. He pulled over to his family and my mum and sister were talking to them. I was cold and numb like a drowned rat. When he went past me on his bike he hooked onto me and I heard a voice going you’ve pulled. I didn’t see him again after that. I remembered he had a tattoo on his left arm but that was it.

Then I met him or his brother in a subarea of where I live. I told him where I lived well the area and then shook his head. He was the same height I think and he had a bulldog which was the same breed that my family own.

Then I was walking my bulldog and he cycled down past me and I thought that it was just a biker but returned to me and stood staring. I didn’t know what to say. So he left. I was kicking me self.

Then I prayed to smack right into him and I was rushing for a bus and I smacked right into him and the two of us his soul was heaven I could stayed with him all day long. We was up close and personal skin tight and we just stared in connection with each other souls. He pulled away and nudged his hands as if to say “say something or do something or who are you” and I could not say anything I was in shock.

Then I had an image of him and the next day I saw him as a construction worker. This is why I think there is two. A construction worker and a police officer.

I got told before this that my guy was a construction worker and all of this was before I was infiltrated and they tried to break us apart.

I was told that my husband on earth had a double barrel name. I know part of that name may be Taylor.

I then messed it up royal and this is where I am hurting severely and wonder why I am not talking and breaking the ice. Apparently he is shy and even to this day he tells me how beautiful I am and he is so adorable. He does look like a mix between Robbie amell and Jason behr and I think this is the problem. He’s fit.

I need to get a grip because I know even through the fear and the worries I do love him with unconditional love. He thinks I don’t like him when I do. It’s just that I have had to fight the dark lights and depression. I guess I thought I was not good enough for him. I miss him and I love him.

I messed up with the Marks and Spencers guy and weird black energy went out over my phone and made his face strange. I was forced to judge him in a nasty way and that was uncalled for. He had asked his friend to talk to me but I felt under pressure and it came out all wrong and since that day I’ve hurt myself because he thinks that I don’t love him.

So I don’t know what the pattern is. I bumped into him the other day and yet I can’t speak why? grrrrrrr.

So please pray that we bump into each other and break the ice more . I always think that there are two and I’m scared to get them mixed up. I don’t know who reads this but I do love him and I will cherish Tom as that is a name and hope to keep believing we are already together. Inside and out.

The years go quick and they say im procrastination but to me I’m like it’s okay saying I’m already with him but I want flesh now and I can’t keep doubting or ignoring that this is real. the angels tell me that I keep delaying him and that I fear him and hurt him. I want my head to clear and say right we can be together as I am scared of folly. I love him and from myside all I want is together inside and out and have love, be close mates and be lovers. I getting told that I have to believe.


CIA Targeted Individuals

I don’t care no more. They have done more of their fair share of fear upon me. I’ll die a saviour but I’m not backing down. It put me in fear for a whole year. I had no one to turn too and I fell in love to be put through fear like a complete idiot.

This really exists and I’ll confess it openly they are covert operations to stop you from loving and healing others and being a loving example and shedding fear believes and programming. This put me in shock and I have been attacked for a year non stop. They don’t love and show no emotions.

I have been working with my angels for over ten years and everything was loving and I got a light body and I could see the angels for who they were. Light and love.

I got a message about 8 years ago telling me I was a target for a secret cell. I wrote it down and then ignored it.

Then when we were channelling my friend at the time wrote my character being kidnapped by a demon. Then it happened read on..

I work at healing others and our blessed planet mother nature.

The shock that did it to me was this.

I was one night journaling in the UK, when I got a CIA hologram with a general speaking to me that came up on my bedroom wall. He warned me and said the following.

“stop what I was doing healing and loving others to the extent of what I was doing”

I was so shocked and then it did not stop there. I have in my own way been targeted at first they knocked my brain out. I heard things like “you are in a fight with the antichrist”

then I seen an image of ARchangel Michael (peace be upon him) and all I seen was this satan fall and it tried to kidnap me. Now I don’t know if that was a real thing and I feel I fell or if it was created as an illusion to make me think I was.

I’m still unsure what  is the truth and what is not. I then heard “it was an experiment and I was told in a dream that I had to act and be on the run like the ones in the TV show tomorrow people. It got too much and I just shut down.

It did nt stop there, they fight over my brain. They first told me that to think of my twin and then if I was meditating to heal mother nature a loud voice would thunder in my head and tell me to stop healing her. Or they might say don’t think of him and get out of  your head.

Then they say “you are a muscle ” or “You have no clue”. One night I was trying to sleep and I couldn’t because of the non stop voices in my head. I tried to ask the Jesus Christ who you are in three but no one told me their name so I don’t know.

The other morning I woke up to “you are a humanoid” I have back lashed and they are trying to tell me that I have gone against angels and that I am now in hell. Hell does not exist. Only love does. I know this because of my history lesson King Henry created it to control the society so that he could remarry.

When the Angels told me to believe I am golden love in my heart and soul. These voices were telling me over and over to break me that I was fear.

Then Angels would just reappear and ignore what was really happening. I was like is this for real? They try and get you to blame LOVe and angels and the thing is they are real. They are covert and create the illusion to society that they are all sweet and innocent. That is why I took time away to fight the fear and the demons that try to kill me. I don’t know I have to right it. I am a loving person. I am sensitive and I am loving person who loves my angels to pieces. The real ones are pure love and they do serve us. But I think because the world is wakening to see the evil and corruption they are doing their best to use your own worse fears against you. I don’t wish to go to deep into it until I can get right with GOD and jesus.

Here we go again. ” you are just a muscle” that creates a fear that I’m taken over inside.

They have tried to keep me apart from my twin. No matter what I say or do they go against me. I keep getting memory loss from it and I have tried to calm down and get my insanity back which is another tatic. At one point I heard “she won’t let us in ” I have had metal things in spirit being smashed against my head and they use frequencies as well. You can’t see them but I could and I heard them too.

Originally, my angels told me that we are all one and that I could do no wrong. Now I have never heard so many accusations that I know they are devils or something. I have heard blastphemy against blessed virgin mary that has really upset me. I have heard kill the angels and I have never been able to share it. Well I guess it’s like this… if you can be honest and open to share it with the world. If they can hate me and reject me, remember that they did it to ?Jesus too. So I am going to love all the more.

No one is going to stop me from loving because it sounds ludicrious to not do so. I fell in this area and I openly confess it I feel broken. I fell to the fear. I am here and I was scared of feeling love. Not that I feared love but the energy that was trying to get to me was not love and so I closed down.

It is correct to say that they use other people to get at you too. It sounds too crazy I agree but I swear on my life that this happened to me and I’m gonna share it all so they can be outted. I pound love to them almost everyday to the best of my ability. I don’t know why I feared and I think they are scared of my warrior spirits and who I am.

I hope that Jesus has me and that Archangel Michael can forgive me.

I hope that I can reach people and validate others who have had attacks from people asking me to stop loving in a place where love should have a home with society not fear.

Comments within constructive feedback welcomed.