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Alien faces in my tv


My journey

Hi guys I’m gonna start using this as a starting point to working on my spiritual experience s good and bad.

I’ve been through so much the past ten years. I’m fed up fighting it alone.

My angels are real but demons and aliens are mimicking them.

I’ve learned so much and Jesus is the way. I love him and I find salvation through love and him.

I hope you will stay open minded to what I share. I swear it’s happened to me and that’s why it’s important for you to look after you.

Mental health is a internal war against you. The voices you hear are not your own. So only follow love and tell the voices in Jesus name to reveal themselves.

Secondly, if you stumble over dark stuff tread carefully as this can change and you can attract more.

Treat yourself kind. Forgive and pray.

Fortify your soul and your heart. Keep them safe at all times.

Trust you. Messages from heaven are just for you. So trust you first as the messages may mean nothing to others.

Your brain is not you but it is still part of your soul. Watch your words.

Love you like you could never love you. It will protect you from frequencies fired at you which are from dark forces. So it is important to lighten up and love like love is a gem.

Your mind is a mimicking machine to entice you away from the heart.live and love but your heart is pure and obedient to love. Always protect your heart and soul.

Train your brain to obey love.

Get fit, have boundaries for you and have your own set of beliefs. Ignore others.

Send love and light to everyone.

Don’t trust the government,they don’t have your best interests at heart all the time.

If in doubt my heart and soul is one.

You are pure golden love.

Don’t allow anyone tell you anything different to what you allow.

These are my wise words of the day.

You are what you belief.

Am I crazy targeted individual

They say I’m fear. The voices used to be loving. I had a breakdown and something tried to possess me. They made me lose all my friends. They told me I was angelic that my heart and soul is one. I asked Jesus to help me and he kinda did. It took me six months. Then I figured because a cia emblem hologram popped into my room and it warned me to stop loving and creating love as I’m a healer and I love angels.

Loads happened but I had no mind they completlyvmrssed me up. They use my family against me and they continue to talk in my brain.

My angels tell me your heart and soul is one. They now tell I give up or my soul is fear when I’m not I’m loving kind person.

They say put your mind away. They say of your own accord you are you. They block me from thinking. I’ve had government generals in spirit trying to touch me. I found out they ran. They keep bombarding me with fear and negativity and then telling me to own it. They play mind games and I ask where are my angels. Where is my protection. They stole my beliefs. They said to get my twin I have to act like tomorrow people. They keep showing me President Bush. I live in England.

Put the brain away. If I think of mother nature a voice goes telling me to stop

Then they go this is why you are you. Yet I heard my heart say I never left.

Opinions please

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Yours spiritual horizons.