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Has Mk Ultra gone ultra modern?


Please tell me that this is not evil. It is evil and I’ll tell you why. Love bonds and love keeps us together. So why is the government making parents separate from their children for the sake of what? I’m unsure if this is true but I read that they get either sent back to example Mexico or places in camp styled security centres the children are sent there.

My worry is that omg I wished I kept the link to give it suitable credit but there are places in Texas such as closed down Asda Walmart’s and they are turned into warehouses for storing children.

Correct so this links to what the link is saying above.


I found it so that’s the link to Walmart Asda housing migrant separated children .

Now this,I’m in the United Kingdom but I can’t comment because I’m not there to see but potentially from other bloggers it’s given links in to secret government evil agendas.

Another source is stating that children are caged in larger cages.



What worries myself is the potential evil tactics of sue pressing you for your soul.

Projects like monarch and mk ultra are from the 1970’s. However, seeing this up front shows you subtle impressions that the dark side of the government are on clampdown to doing the opposite of love. They are not interested in you as a human they use laws to create fear, control and surrender to the darkness of evil.

Fight they know about frequencies they already know and have tatics to make you feel paranoid or think your mad. Oh no we not doing it. Remember the scripture about father of all lies well that’s right the government is controlled by demonic energies.

They are the opposite of love and they don’t care what you feel as long as they separate, hurt, injure and destroy.

That is your eye openers.

Love is for real. Love is what we are and love has to fight to stay here on Earth.

The worrying link that I have found and I’m sure it may not be happening but it’s scary to see how similar the two are is this account of taking children from homeless or troubled children for use of experimentation.


Half way down the account states describing children in cages and using tormenting tatics and mind control scenarios that may well be the case now but more subtle. That’s my point of view and it’s knocking me sick.

The government as I suspect are dark and the angels told me they want to control which is the opposite of what our creator love the father gives free will.

Fear and hate is the opposite of love and so to create more fear within people is so darker energies can feed off the fear. The more you love the more they can’t touch you.

I don’t know but it’s a scary link.

Plus look at the amount of mental health issues rising in the world. Subliminal messages making us think our thoughts are your own. They are not. The angels of love told me that the voices I hear are not me but spirits up to ten miles away.

So this suggests that the psychological war is in full swing without you even knowing because of mind control and secret historic adventures like mk ultra it may well be the case as all the above states similar situations are already taking place.

What do you think?


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Love love love

Love is much more than sex. In fact, love making is actually sacred. Love making is not just sexual but it is divine you are suppose to love through your heart and not be an over thinking head that actually knows …. nothing. Your soul is loving too – and guess what next matter what your head tells you. You are a loving energy and heart is pure, innocent and loving. So ignore the volume of your head and ignore the belief that you are it and love and be your heart.

Your heart beats for love because it is love. You know those heart attacks people have? It’s because your head thinks it’s you and you know heart failure? That’s simple you failed to obey your heart and follow it. So I ask of you.

Do you love? Love is rich and love is your creator and outside of love you cannot really exist. Love is everything possible. Love is considered as our saviour but if we ignore our own hearts with our minds, then we hurt. That hurt you feel is your heart shouting to be heard. That pain is your heart saying listen something is not right. That heart knows the truth more than your brain.

That heart is you.

So do you wish to ignore you. Your brain is a recording computer what you speak and say becomes in your mind.

What people tell you is good for thought.

What programs youwatch on tv becomes your recording.

Your heart and soul crave love now love is an energy which is creative, nurturing, loving, kind, gentle and this is what you need to create.

Get it?

Love is within me, love is before me, love is behind me, love is above me and below. Practice and say it each day.

Love is true it exists within your heart and soul.,don’t become your mind. Get out of it and love

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Signs which ones do you see?

Everyday I look for signs. Heaven always taught me to follow love at all costs. There is a darker one at play as well using signs as well.

I’ve been observing these over the past few weeks and it is hoped that these subtle signs can be brought to your attention.

Angelic ones are loving, caring and positive full stop. If you are not aware some energies are here to force you to be fearful, none trusting, loveless, hopeless all the opposite to heaven.

God our creator is all loving and he loves us enough to allow us to go and play, see what we can create.

What I see you s our creator is not angry with you. He is angry with the demons of this society who are hell bent on keeping you from knowing the truth about love. In love we downsize fear it’s an illusion. However, you see society dictating you that it is love that is nothing. Get on with struggling by living in the real world. Right???

Um far wrong. We look at advertising everyday we are swamped by subtle techniques used psychologically as a discreet weapon to pull you away from love.

Fashion. You have to be thin, plastic looking, flawless, like everyone else. Or follow Kate Middleton or a kardashian. No!!! Heaven teaches you to be you. Unique not a clone. Not something just with beauty on the outside.

How about me asking you about how beautiful are you within. This is things such as lighthearted, compassionate, loving, forgiving, nurturing, gentle????

The opposite of love is being drilled into you. I’m not saying do not do certain things but please be aware.

For example, I’ve gone shopping today and a voice was telling me don’t buy this or don’t do that. I have freewill if I’m drained to it that’s the heart wanting it.

Of course it could be your mind telling you or an angel. But we have freewill. The deciding point is yours. Is it a need or a want? This is a lesson of two tales. Voices or thoughts are not always your own and so discernment and awareness is yours. Your heart as my angels teach is anything nurturing, loving and helpful to you. On the other hand and this does exist as I have found.

Thoughts can be implanted into your mind to make you buy there products.

Another example is the United Kingdom tv programme big brother.

Just as a programme goes off onto a break. I saw in a glance a watch the final as the B.B. sign comes up on the t.v.

This is subtle programming. The government or darker forces against love or the destructive entities are teaching groups to disrupt our lives. There is an example in a columbo think too.

When my head is in the way. I’ve doubt I’ve seen words such as coffee, super and Liverpool. This actually happened a few days ago.

Now I’m sat having a coffee, went to Superdrug’s a toiletries store and I’m about to go Liverpool.

Now I’m unsure if that’s my own doing, angelic or other but it happened.

What I’m trying to tell you is be aware that you are being fought over. Your heart goes with a soul. Rebuke fear from you.

People can be influenced to help you or work against you. Believe it unsure but I’ve seen it happen.

So stick to nice feelings, be free from restricting systems such as I can’t is another programming.

My angels teach always say yes I can afford that. I have the money as it opens up to love allowing it to happen. Watch when you say no I can’t afford that. What happens? Your money reduces.

Thank you


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Angels and demons

Hi don’t deny that angels exist. I do think that there is one huge invisible war going on for your soul though.

I believe pure Divine angels exist. I’ve seen them but you as a mini creator hold that power to request them and create them. I think they are real because they are pure, love and energetic.

I also feel that their a extreme dark energies working to stop your awareness and to reduce the world to fear and control. I’ve been left, injured, deeply scared and fearful because I lost everything.

I was originally told that you can be whatever you want. You can control your own destiny, remember you are your heart and soul.

I know that when I was ill, I was told things to remember when I came back to Earth. When I did come back down to Earth I saw a big black band of energy which told me I had gone into the war zone area where people could be governed by fear and negative energies. The government also is secretly trying to take over people’s minds. The truth is you are what you believe. If you think your deep love then you are. If you fear then you draw in that fear like a mirror.

I have two ideas as to what is happening with the angel scene.

One- angels do exist but they are innocent pure and divine love. They can only get into help if you remove all fear and negativity.

They can guide you in love, but you have to be fearfree to do it.

Secondly, demons prowl around like an angel. I know this to be true because I was almost killed by one. I thought I was going mad. They do it to mock the real angels because they do exist. I’ve seen the real ones their are pure baby innocent and full of colour. They say we care and I believe they still help.

My main concern is that energies, entities and aliens are trapping people under their ego. The ego is all fearful and negative because tv programming and society is reducing ya down to. Don’t hug each other, don’t feel forgiveness, it’s Everyman for them selves, they want to separate you from love and then constricted information that causes you doubt gods very own existence and to coax you to think their is only you and to go against your own free will.

Jesus always said test the spiritS. I did this once and I almost crapped it. I said in the name of Jesus Christ three times who are you. I heard I am beezebub. A main demon. I rebuked it for coming near me. The fact is their is three wars going on.

A government influenced one driven by demons.

An egotistical one fighting between your heart and your soul.

And a galactic inter dimensional one such as the big Armageddon.

I was told I am a prophet. I remain open minded. I believe in what was told to me in love and by love.

But since I’m fantastic at writing my experiences down. I found a governmental signs under ultra type scheme: when I sussed it I cut off everything and prayed. As I was doing it I heard a males voice commanding to stop cutting the connections.

Secondly, I’ve been tormented and shocked for five years. I got a message once telling me I was a target for dark forces because I’m a light.

Thirdly, I lost my best friends to demons manipulating and attaching onto a so called friend and which I seen a battle in heaven for my soul.

You think I’m crazy I kid you not.

I’ve keep it secret until now because I want to protect others.

The love told me my heart and soul is one don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

I’ve had voices telling everything from blaming hating and mimicking my own self to try and make me default from love to fear.

The demon attacked me was nothing but fear, it got in my mind and reprogrammed me to do the opposite of love. Archangel Michael does exist. He fought it off but I fell with some of it left in me. Or that’s what it felt like.

He saved my life and I know he exists.

I know angels are real but I feel you need to love more. Each one of us had to fight fear and ego. We have to become loving inside and out.

It’s not all you all the time. They are setting it up to make thousands of people think that they are mentally ill and they will lie and blame you for it. Remember Satan is the father of all lies.

The angelrealm exist they are strictly trying to get through to tell people they are real and love is real. There are agencies, aliens and demons who are masquerading as angels to stop us being one in love. To fear enough that we can’t turn to god.

We should never worship angels and this includes angel alters. We should not worship the pope neither because he is not your father your father is love the god head.

The message. Get rid of fear, test all voices, if a voice tells you to not do something which is loving do it anyway. Pray daily and allow help in. God the father and Jesus will send the real angels and saints not a demon.

Love exists they do and they give freewill.

Discerning spirits is the key. I closed down but that’s what they want you to do.

They real angels are pure white they help and if you fear you are already in hell. Suffering is hell but if we love each other and get into love in the heart more. Then you are safe.

Love today like you have never loved before. Then nothing can get to you. Peace

What is the truth? Love

Spiritual horizons- rising up with our angels

I have been told the following .

  1. In love you are free to be anything you want and there is no right or wrong way to be.
  2. Love governs you and is required to keep creation flowing.
  3. Jesus is Lord and he is to be followed as a messenger.
  4. The bible is out dated but love remains the answer.
  5. Gratitude and forgiveness is the rules of the universe for success.
  6. The thoughts in your head are not your own.
  7. Focus on love and abundance with gratitude is the secret to life.
  8. Prayer is the answer to everything but knowing how to be guided by love with no fear is the other.
  9. Kindness is an act of faith and acceptance is an act of belief.
  10. I got told to believe I am love golden love.

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Don’t worry if you fall on your face – read for more

Having a bad head day yesterday, I went out today and today I feel in the head still but in my humour, I felt I wanted to share that everyone has this fall flat on your face day.

Well here is how the angels suggest to get up.

I figured your soul fights your head to protect the soul. You are a creator and if you believe in angels, respectfully they will help you